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"Well I finally decided to bite the bullet and book another Axis and Blackbuck hunt after 10 or 15 years of thinking about it. I tried a hunt with another TX outfitter 10 years ago and it was a "I'll drop you off and sit on the feeder and shoot what comes in and I'll pick you up at dark hunt, oh here is a sandwich and a bottle of water". After 3 days of hunting all day and only seeing a buffalo and game with tags still in their ears I went home unhappy. I did my research this time and booked with Judd at Martin Hollow Outfitters. I have to say Judd is the hardest working outfitter I have ever hunted with in 40 years of hunting all over the world. I told him I wanted both animals to be free range and good size. The first night there I had a 34 inch Axis stag on the ground after a 50 yard shot. Then then spent the next 3 days hunting HARD for Blackbuck. He put me within reach of 3 or 4 super nice bucks that I just couldn't get on. He took me to an area that we spent so much time in that we had names for all the blackbucks in there. Ask him about the Llama that follows him around. LOL I connected with a 20 inch blackbuck and a doe on the 3rd day both at 250+ yards. Judd worked his ass off to get me what I was looking for, I strongly recommend him for your next hunt. Let me touch on a few areas:

GAME: All game was free range or low (cattle)fence. I saw between 250 to 300 Axis deer on a new lease Judd has. Several of the bucks were 30 to 40 inches and healthy size. I saw 100 to 150 Blackbuck. There were a large number of bucks and quite a few over the 20 inch mark, by the time I would see them they would be heading into cover. Judd is a patient man. He will hunt anyway you want to get you your game, but we spent the majority of the time stalking. I have to say I have never seen so many Turkeys in one place. We saw between 50 and 100 turkeys each day. I also saw rams, hogs, fallow deer, aoudad, fox and whitetail. he does have access to high fences if that is the type of hunt you want.

EQUIPMENT: Judd has good equipment and keeps it all operational. He has an Electric Polaris Ranger that is super silent and makes covering the large areas he hunts easy. He has a walk in cooler to hang your game in and a super game care area to ensure your meat isn't going to get contaminated or spoil

LODGING and FOOD: The lodging was super. I stayed in a nice bunk house with new bedding a modern shower and AC. It was super comfortable and super clean. The dinning hall/lodge was incredible. It was full of neat mounts, maps and history of the local area and has the cowboy feel. There is an ice machine that is always full. Food, Man he fed me like I was at a buffet. Great quality meals and great food. Steaks, potatoes biscuits, eggs, chicken and more. Lots of coffee. Ask him about his "Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti" If you go away hungry it is your fault. Judd brings a cooler full of drinks in the ranger so you never go thirsty. 

OVERALL HUNT/PRICE: Judd has a quality operation that I would recommend to anyone. He will work hard to put you on a quality animal for a successful hunt and ensure you have a good time. I am going to come back and hunt with him for Aoudad and bring my son for his first hog hunt. His prices are a little higher than most but when you look at what you get, The quality of animals, The food and lodging, The hard work of guiding and the work he puts into your hunt make it all worth it. I looked at several other outfitters who offered one or two day hunts, most were high fence or "Guaranteed harvests" they plop you on a feeder and shoot what comes in. You were just a number in the end. With Judd it is the whole hunt, the treating you like family and he "measures success in bone". Thank you for a fantastic hunt and great memories. I look forward to the next hunt with you."

Chris Somerville - Kansas City, KS

“My hunt with Judd Martin for a trophy axis took place on April 6th-9th, 2016. Having never been on an axis hunt with Judd, I really didn't know what to expect. I really wanted to take my axis deer in a fair chase environment and Judd was one of the few that would dedicate the time required for this type of hunt. Judd went above and beyond my expectations, showing me several axis deer throughout his different properties, but I was being very selective. We finally located a nontypical trophy but I could not get in position to take the shot. Due to Judd's extensive knowledge of the property we were able to circle around and put a spot and stalk on this once in a lifetime axis deer and succeed in taking him. I highly recommend Judd Martin for your next axis hunt. He was very patient with me and very professional. He did everything in his power to ensure my hunt was satisfactory. He also has access to some of the most prime axis country in Texas.”


Davis Daniel - Spanish Fort, AL​

“Being a family of six it was hard to find a place geared towards the whole family. We hunted with Judd and his dad Greg for five days. We saw plenty of animals and everyone had the opportunity to shoot some critters. The hospitality was amazing! The food was incredible! The ranch house was clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend booking Martin Hollow Outfitters for your next hunting trip and take the whole family, you won't regret it!”

Shane Miller - California

"Judd Martin gave me a 5 star experience! The hunt was FANTASTIC! The accommodations were GREAT! It was without doubt, the BEST turkey hunting experience of my life! If you want to experience REAL turkey hunting, call Judd!"

Bill Kirksey - Monroe, LA

"3 days of the best hunting I have ever been a part of. A father and son the work hard for their hunters. This is the experience I was hoping for. "

John Hearn - Alabama

"The best guide I've ever hunted with. First class operation. Judd will work harder than anyone to put you on trophy animals."

Jason Edmondson - Alabama

"We had one of the most exciting hunts! It was my first Axis and my first spot and stalk hunt!!! Judd put me right where I needed to be. He knows his animals and will put you in the best position to take the shot. If you go home empty handed, you need to practice your shot more. THANK YOU Judd!"

Cassie Benningfield - San Angelo, TX

"This was my first guided hunt and I must say it was an awesome experience! 2 day Axis doe hunt was 110% successful I'll tell you one thing, Judd Martin has no quit in him so you better be ready to hunt! Thanks again Judd and Greg for a great time. I'll see you next year!"

Seth Davis - Abilene, TX

"This was by far the best hunt I have been on. Judd's knowledge and experience on axis was spot on. Anyone looking for a hunt of a lifetime with an awesome guide should book a hunt with Martin Hollow Outfitters."

Josh Smith - Temple, TX

“Judd will bust his butt to make your hunt the best. We had bad weather on two of our four day hunt but we all came home with great animals and memories of a lifetime.”

Dale Jones - California

"Just got back to South Dakota with great memories and a awesome Blackbuck....Thanks to Judd Martin who proved to be a tireless guide who really impressed us all round. I hunt a lot and only recommend guides I intend to hunt with again. Beyond that Judd's the kind of man you want to do business with."

Bradley Olson - South Dakota

"I've known Judd since elementary school. Judd is a natural born hunter/outdoorsman/woodsman, has some phenomenal properties to hunt, and is a very experienced guide that works hard and does everything he can to get you on an animal that you're more than happy to a take home. Can't go wrong booking a hunt with Martin Hollow Outfitters for your next trip. You won't be disappointed."

Casey Baker - Louisiana

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